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First name Sam
City Helsinki
Native country GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Current country FI Finland
Gender Male
Native language EN English
FI Finnish
SV Swedish
Studied language ES Spanish
DE German


Facebook XXXXXXX
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I'll start with a question instead of a greeting to a Jane/Joe Doe.

How did you find me on here?

Feel free to message me in any way you wish. I'd prefer Whatsapp over e-mail.

WhatsApp <- I know it's Indonesian number, but it really is my WhatsApp lol. Ask me about it if you're shy and have no other questions in the beginning.

My hobbies are learning instruments, singing, dancing pretty much anything that makes me move.
Other hobbies would be any social interaction or sport. Too many to count, feel free to ask my favorites.

I'd love to find a great friend on here, if you know of one let me know name & WhatsApp to that friend.

- Sam


Tried uploading several pictures.. Got rejected.. Something about big size is all I remember them complaining about.. I feel a picture would be a good way of describing my looks....... But let's try words instead.

I'm not tall, freckly, long haired, grumpy nor boring.. Find antonyms for all those words and you'll have a pretty good description of me.

Bigots from ruining your day. You just have to aim in their nostrils with a DYI peas-gun.

If you're only half as funny as the little squirrel in those Ice Age movies.. I'd be more than happy to purr a conversation with you.. If you know what I mean.

Pursue a conversation is what I mean...

How far can this go?

I'll give you a star in our first conversation if you made it this far.

With love,
- Your Highness.

I've always wanted to be called that, lol. Either that or be knighted.

If you know a guy who knows a gal that can contact the lady sitting at the throne all day long eating peanuts..... (LongasS-shorts)*: Send her peas from me, and ask if she'll knight me just for a day.. Wouldn't wanna be a "Sir" all my life now would I?

Please be weird.. you.. Whoever you are.. just please.. For the sake of our future chats / calls.. It'd be so much easier to get along and have fun..

- SH.

Funny that those are my initials, I rarely shut up.


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First name Sam
City Helsinki
Current country FI Finland
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Get help from your friend to learn foreign languages!
First name Sam
City Helsinki
Current country FI Finland


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