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First name Mari
City Hiroshima
Native country JP Japan
Current country JP Japan
Age 33
Gender Female
Native language EN English
JA Japanese
Studied language ZH Chinese (Mandarin)
ZT Chinese (Taiwanese)
DE German



Hi! My name is Mari. I'm a 32 years-old freelance translator living in Japan. My native language is Japanese and I am fluent in English.

I'd like help with my German and Chinese, and am looking for one or two language exchange partners for each language.

For German:
I studied in Göttingen for one semester several years ago when I was doing my master's studies. I did not speak German then and do not speak it now, which is such a shame because I love the country! I am thinking about applying to a PhD program in Germany later this year. Although I am not required to have any Germany skills, I would like to be able to speak at least a little of German when I move there. As I am at the absolute beginner's level, I'd like help mostly with pronunciation and morale support. I read children's books but even these easy texts confuse me. I'd like my language exchange partner to help me read them more-or-less correctly and answer grammar related questions during language exchange sessions.

For Chinese:
I have taken Chinese lessons here and there at several different occasions over the past 15 years or so but never really continuously studied it. I would like to acquire natural and understandable Chinese pronunciation. For language exchange sessions, I will prepare a short passage to read it aloud, and I would like my exchange partner to show me how to do it properly as well as answer my questions about vocab and grammar.

About me:
My interests are books and movies, animals, traveling, cooking and eating, handcrafting, and becoming a good person. I used to play trombone seriously but not any more, though I still like music. My academic specialization is, very broadly speaking, sociology. Yes, you can talk to me about politics. No, you cannot be argumentative or disrespectful. I have two finches that are super adorable. I have taught Japanese and English, and consider myself good at explaining things. I am also a good listener. I will do my best to help your Japanese learning.

German or Chinese speaker. It really helps if you could speak English as well because neither my German nor English is very good. Your sex/gender does not matter to me. Preferably around my age (32) but you can be young or old. For our sessions, Skype, Whatsapp, or any other common communication software is fine by me.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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First name Mari
City Hiroshima
Current country JP Japan
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