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BR Salvador, Brazil
He speaks :  Portuguese
He looks for :  English language exchange
Hi, everybody! I am interest in continue learning english language. I just concluded a course of english, so I decided learn more and more. I have been studying this language frequently, so I really want find persons to practise my second idiom(ENGLISH). My native language is brazilian portuguese.
BR Salvador, Brazil
She speaks :  Portuguese
She looks for :  English language exchange
Hi! My name is Ana! I'm from Brazil! I want to improve my English skills, especially Speaking, because I need to take TOEFL test this year and also I want to apply for Ph.D. Program in USA or Canada. I've finished my master's degrees in Civil Engineering. But, I'm a cool girl, My hobbies are cinema, listen to music, go out with my friends, and the love of my life my Shih Tzu dog Kiko. :p If you want to learn or improve your Portuguese, I can help you if you help me with my English. xxx