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He speaks :  English
I live in Bretagne, France. I want to improve my spoken French and I can help you polish your English. I am also interested to learn German, although I am a beginner! I would also like to learn Japanese! Face to face chats would be nice. But Skype or Zoom video is ok. I like photography, music, nature and learning cultures!
She speaks :  French
I don't really know what to say so if you want to know something more tell me I a really really shy person But I want to ameliorate that and I want to know more about Korean culture and maybe language so I'm use to thinks I can combine them I'm also interested by American culture because I have traveled with my grandparents in California but I don't really have experience of speaking with a native American I'm live in France and if you're interested I can "teach" you some things or just if you have question about anything I can speak english not perfectly but it's ok I don't want someone like a teacher a something like that I want to make friends
She speaks : 
She looks for : 
Hello! My name is Camille i'm 17 years old, I'm interested by south korea so I really want to learn korean language I really want to improve my english as well because my korean is just basic and my english is not so good so leave a message:)