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AZ Baku, Azerbaijan
Native language :  Azerbaijani, English, Turkish
Studied language :  Russian, French
Hi there, I am Yegana. I am working in advertising secture. My mother language is Azeri, Azeri and Turkihs language are very similiar and i know Turkish also. And i love to learn new languages. I have learned English, After English my target is French. I take some private french lessons. I need to practice. And meantime i know a little bit russian, i would like to improve it also. I love Sport and healthy life!
AZ Baku, Azerbaijan
Native language :  Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish
Studied language :  English
hello I want to practice native English speakers only conversation little bit a grammar not so deep I will help Azerbaijani speaking writing listening and grammar but other 2 language Russian and Turkish only speaking anyone can no matter what age are you 12-80 if you interested in please write