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First name Mona
City Greer
Native country US USA
Current country US USA
Age 35
Gender Female
Native language AR Arabic
EN English
Studied language KO Korean
ZC Chinese (Cantonese)
ZH Chinese (Mandarin)
ZT Chinese (Taiwanese)
ES Spanish
JA Japanese


Facebook XXXXXXX
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Hi my name is Mona I joined to meet language exchange partners and hopefully make good friends. I’d like to learn korean so I can understand kpop music by the group BTS. I'm disabled with an autoimmune disease called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which is also a chronic illness & recently had an ankle replacement & spend much time in bed I've had multiple operations & all joints replaced. I'm fluent in English & speak Arabic Palestinian dialect but don't read or write also I studied Spanish for 6 years however don't speak or write fluently but can read & understand a lot.

I've always loved languages & have been told I have great pronunciation in languages I live in USA greer South Carolina (if you live in same area as me and can help me learn Chinese Mandarin and I help with English contact me through one of the listed accounts below & set a date to meet up. I'm interested in learning Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, & Korean. I'd like to travel to Taiwan, Japan , South Korea & other Asian countries in the near future. I watch a lot of Taiwanese dramas, Chinese movies, & Japanese anime. If I also read Japanese anime and listen to a new kpop group called BTS. you're able to help me learn Chinese Mandarin, korean , Japanese.I'd love to improve my Spanish skills. So if you're willing to help me with any of these languages I'd greatly appreciate it????. I'm willing to help you & teach you English & become friends.

You can contact me. Don't be shy. Send me a message. I'll reply asap best way to reach me is Facebook.

I'm always so sick with my chronic illness & disability so it'd be great if you can be flexible, understanding, & patient with me because I really want to learn Chinese Mandarin with both traditional & simplified characters in reading, writing, speaking, & pronouncing properly in pinyin & zhuyin BoPoMoFo pronunciations. Chinese Characters pinyin & zhuyin: how to write them understand them use them. I welcome any learning resources. I would need regular classes as mentioned I'm a Total beginner. I need a tailored course for reading, writing, speaking, & understanding Chinese Mandarin both traditional & simplified Chinese characters. I learn best with hands on teaching textbooks any resources as well as being able to video chat a custom tailored lesson plan.

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