Exchange with Meowfong


First name Vivien
City Suffolk
Native country SG Singapore
Current country GB United Kingdom
Age 54
Gender Female
Native language EN English
MS Malay
ZC Chinese (Cantonese)
ZH Chinese (Mandarin)
Studied language ES Spanish
FR French
PL Polish
RO Romanian
KO Korean



Hi my name is Vivien. I was born in Singapore and hence learned 3 languages in my school years. I can speak some Malay, Japanese, and Hindi but they are rusty now as I have no one to speak to in England.

I am now a British citizen and living in one of the prettiest coastal town in England, Suffolk.

I work in the medical field as a medical practitioner like a doctor since 2004.

I learn other European languages while at work but can manage only basic greetings and illness condition.

I would love to learn Korean from you. I lam learning how to read Hangul as well as writing it.

I hope to learn from you.

Glad you contacted me.

Warm regards

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