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First name Jun
City Kanagawa
Native country JP Japan
Current country JP Japan
Age 39
Gender Male
Native language JA Japanese
Studied language EN English
ZH Chinese (Mandarin)
DE German


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Hi I'm Jun.
I wanna friends all over the worlds. Only Japanese is OK( ´∀`)
And I'm married, have two children(^^)
I would like to introduce myself.
My language skill is
speak Japanese...hahaha, English, and Chinese a little.
But my language skill is not good(*_*)
I think the speaking and listening skill is my weak point...
So I study these language again...
I want to talk other language on chat or message.
Its best way to learn other languages(^o^)丿
If we have a chance, let's play web-chat.
If you are interested in my profiles, feel free to contact me!
I'll waitting for your message(^_^)/

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First name Jun
City Kanagawa
Current country JP Japan
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