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She speaks :  English
Hello everyone! My name is Ali. I'm from Bozeman, MT, USA. I love learning about other cultures, and how people live around the world. I thought it would be cool to make friends from other countries & also learn/teach skills in the process. I like reading, drawing, listening to music, swing dancing, skiing, hiking, and basically anything outdoors. If you are interested in doing a language exchange, don't hesitate to message me! :)
He speaks :  English
Semi-retired entrepreneur residing in the United States within a 90 minute drive to Yellowstone National Park where I have spent lots of time. Yoga is one of my joys. During my travels, I have seen all of the United States and parts of Western Europe and Asia. Learning new languages has never been a strength. Can't speak a single word of Ukrainian, but looking to change that. Looking for a fun, smart, and beautiful study partner to gain at least a conversational understanding of the language and a deep understanding of the culture. Initially, we will have to start our communications in English, but with your patience I hope to share conversations and laughter in your language as well.