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First name westy
City Nagoya
Native country JP Japan
Current country JP Japan
Age 28
Gender Male
Native language JA Japanese
Studied language EN English
ES Spanish
FR French
IT Italian
NO Norwegian
PT Portuguese
RU Russian
DE German


Instagram XXXXXXX


Hello, my name is Westy. Now I'm mainly learning English.
Interests:cooking, delicious foods,noodles,icecream,Japanese manga,anime,animals like cats ,beautiful nature scenary, listening to music, playing violin, piano,drums,guitar,composing, biology,medical,space,creatures,table tennis,some exercise,stretching,taking a walk,swordsmanship, kick board,growing plants,viewing live camera,watching broadcasting, games like smash bros, tetris,Japanese chess,drawing and etc.

If you want to learn Japanese, feel free to contact me:)
Im interested in learning some languages but my levels of English abilities are still not good,so Im trying to improve especially speaking and listening,writing .I welcome both native English speakers and native speakers of other languages.if you can write and speak English a little,I think we can commnicate and instruct each other about our own native languages through English. Let's learn with me. I want to make friends all over the world:)

I mainly use skype and sometimes discord.
Thesedays I sometimes instruct some of my friends in various countries from complete beginner to N2 level.I respect learning style of every person who starts from letters or basic conversation and I can also instruct you by using only English letters.
Thank you for reading :)

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