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FI Kirkkonummi, Finland
He speaks :  English
He looks for :  Swedish language exchange
Russian language exchange
Hi! I'm Daniel, Dan for friends :) I'm 24 and studying nursing, with hopes of coming a psychiatric nurse or a paramedic at some point. I've a pretty good knack for languages and learning them. My English is pretty fluent, not quite on a native speaker level, though. I'm actively learning Russian at the moment, taking classes for it actually. Any extra help would be good, too. I'm kinda learning Swedish as well, since it's Finland's second language. But I could totally do with some help there as well. My hobbies include motorcycling in the summer, reading, gaming and sometimes assembling and painting miniatures. I also go the gym and jog. I also consume way too much coffee probably and watch quite a lot of series. Give me nudge, if you wanna chat or something, new friends are always welcome :)