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He speaks :  English
Chinese (Mandarin)
He looks for :  English language exchange
Uighur language exchange
Uzbek language exchange
(I will not be online bofore Apr 1,contact me later.) Hello,my name is Light,I can speak uyghur,chinese and some english ,and I can understand some uzbek.I am very intreseted in english and uzbek,I also like to communicate with people from different cultures and nations.I would like to find native or non-native speakers who are interested in uyghur language, I can also teach you chinese ,so we can help each other and learn together.Looking forward to encounter with you.I like playing basketball、lestining to music and reading books,feel free to chat with me ,I will be very happy to be your language exchanger.
He speaks :  Uighur
Chinese (Mandarin)
He looks for :  English language exchange
Dutch language exchange
Hallo! I was born and raised in mainland China, I speak Mandarin. I’ve been learning basic Dutch for about 4 months, but my speaking is bad, I get nervous. And sometimes when I explain something in Dutch, I mix it with English. I hope to find some patient friends that speak Dutch to do language exchange. I can also teach you Mandarin if you don’t want a language exchange, it’s fine. I like watching TV shows and comedy films, and stand up comedy. And I’m kind of lazy so I don’t do sports often, but I like badminton and basketball. For music, I like rocknroll, and piano, like classic music. I always want to learn how to play a piano.