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Marina is my name single never married before I'm 33 years old and I do work us a pharmacy nurse, I speak Swedish little and English more, I love going to the beach, reading, cooking, dancing, indore, shopping etc you can simply contact me on WhatsApp or email me so we can talk more looking for a new friend
Hi! My name is Milad, and I’m student in university in stockholm. I do part time job. And I’m an artist as well. I can speak five languages but some of them aren’t properly. I would like to have practice and learn more to make it perfect.
He looks for :  Finnish language exchange
Hi there. Just realized that I want to learn how to speak Finnish since I love the Finnish language. I am an absolute beginner who wants to talk to anyone. Please contact me if you want to help me. I can help you speak Swedish, English or even some Spanish in return