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He looks for :  Finnish language exchange
Hi there. Just realized that I want to learn how to speak Finnish since I love the Finnish language. I am an absolute beginner who wants to talk to anyone. Please contact me if you want to help me. I can help you speak Swedish, English or even some Spanish in return
He looks for :  Spanish language exchange
Hola, Mi esposa y yo estamos en España desde hace bastante tiempo. Llevamos casi dos años navegando por el Mediterráneo y queremos mejorar nuestro español hablado. i (Håkan) es sueco y Viktora también habla Rusia, pero nuestro objetivo es mejorar el español. He escrito español durante mucho tiempo y necesito dar el siguiente paso, que es hablar cara a cara o al menos vivir a través de alguna aplicación. Seré principalmente yo quien estará activo, pero a veces también Viktoria. Saludos, Håkan y Viktoria ----------- Hi, Me and my wife is in Spain for quite a long period now. We have been sailing the Mediterrean for almost two years now and want to improve our spoken Spanish. i (Håkan) is a native Swede and Viktora also speaks Russia but our goal is to improve Spanish. Have written Spanish for a long time now and need to take next step which is talking face to face or at least live through some app. It will be mostly I who will be active but sometimes also Viktoria. All the best, Håkan and Viktoria
He looks for :  German language exchange
I am refugees in germany, I am originally from Afghanistan , can speak Dari and Persian , and i'm unemployed. But was in Sweden 5 years and can speak Swedish like refugees if someone need to learn . Thanks for your help