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NO Leirvik, Norway
Native language :  English, Norwegian
Studied language :  Korean, Japanese
Howdy! My names Thomas, or my korean given name, 윤은애. I'm a cheerful fellow currently trying to learn korean. I also know some basic japanese from here and there, but mostly just phrases and random words. I like to talk to new people and learn about their culture and life, as it broadens one's mind. I love listening to music and watching movies. I also love to travel and has been all over because of work. If you're looking for help with norwegian or english, feel free to message me as I can help! I got Kakao, so feel free to ask for it !
AU Melbourne, Australia
Native language :  English, Norwegian
Studied language :  Viêt Namese
Hi, my name is Jorn. I am studying Vietnamese at a univeristy in Australia and is interested in practising with native speakers. I am fluent in English and Norwegian. Let me know if you wanna chat.
SE Up North :), Sweden
Native language :  English, Norwegian, Swedish
Studied language :  French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese
Hi! I'm Swedish/Norwegian, with native-level English. l recently moved back to Northern Sweden after living in London for four years. I am mainly interested in doing language lessons (but becoming friends is a bonus!) My interests are languages, music, video games, reading, tech, and most things tea related. I am crazy about cats (not really a hobby but still!) I'm also dabbling in acting and martial arts, working on my guitar playing and music production skills and always looking to learn more and enhance my abilities. Lastly I'm all about living naturally. I love nature, environmental sustainability and animals. Would love to meet like minded people. For Japanese, my focus is speaking and grammar. I'm a beginner in Korean. I previously took lessons in Mandarin, and am trying not to forget my previously intermediate French. My rather fervent wish is to eventually be able to speak all these languages fluently. I'm planning to go to Seoul to study Korean this summer 2017, and also to visit Tokyo whi
NO Stavanger, Norway
Native language :  English, Norwegian
Studied language :  Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Hey My name is Asbjørn Haaland and I'm 30 years old. I'm half mix of Norwegian and Singaporean. I love asia and I love the culture. I've had Chinese and Japanese lessons at school but I feel i forgot almost everything of Chinese, and so so Japanese. I've learned german for 3 years at school but it's quite rusty. Hope to find someone to teach me any language and if not, i don't mind helping people practice their English or Norwegian. Looking forward for your message.
NO Tromsø, Norway
Native language :  Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish
Studied language :  Russian, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese
I want to learn new languages and acquire new knowledge of other cultures around the world. I'm open to all kinds of languages, but First of all, I want to become a fluent french speaker. Can't speak any of my practicing languages yet, but hopefully one day I'll.
NO Oslo, Norway
Native language :  German, English, Kurdish, Norwegian
Studied language :  Korean, Japanese
Hi my name is Mofid I am a 20 year old guy from Norway. I am currently working at a travel agency. I can speak Norwegian, English, German and Kurdish. I hope to meet someone I can exchange languages with frequently. I wish to get more proficient in Korean and Japanese and help others with any of the languages I know. My hobbies are Volleyball, travelling, movies, reading, cooking and I really enjoy learning new languages. Even if it's just a few words or sentences. Let's learn a lot together!
GE Tbilisi, Georgia
Native language :  Georgian, Norwegian, Russian
Studied language :  Norwegian, Japanese, German
NO Oslo, Norway
Native language :  English, Norwegian
Studied language :  French, German, Chinese
Hi! I'm love learning new things, and especially languages. Right now I'm learning German, Chinese and French. Say hi if you want to learn together :)
NO Norway
Native language :  Norwegian
Studied language :  English
Hello, My name is Erik and I live in in Norway. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Norwegian in exchange.