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She speaks :  Spanish
Scottish Gaelic
Hi, I'm from Ecuador and currently, I'm living in Alaska. I like to learn new languages and now I'm trying Korean. I would like to chat and practice. I also can help you to practice Spanish or English. I like music, books, and movies.
It's complicated- a bit! The kind of complicated when you are born in a country, lived in 2 others and settled/lived the longest in a fourth one while hailing from a fifth! Love languages and all that comes with it (such as ordering local food in the local language) and travelling. I love exercising and keeping fit. I'm a professional working full time but spend my free time -since my city (Edinburgh) is amazing- on walks and exploring in-and-out-of-city attractions as well as the amazing highlands and everything in between. I did learn languages for different reasons but have to say never because of personal connections. Would love to see how I can start practicing more real life situations and less text-books and apps. If it helps you, You can try the Edinburgh Uni semester-long language modules - online!
She speaks :  Scottish Gaelic
She looks for :  Sign Language (Nigeria)
Hello, My name is 조선경 and I live in Seoul, in Korea. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Sign Language (Nigeria). I'd be happy to help you to learn Scottish Gaelic in exchange.
He looks for :  Japanese language exchange
I want to learn japanese
She looks for :  Italian language exchange
I’m Student. Live in London. Love sports and travel
Hello! Native of Edinburgh looking for people who'd be up for doing an exchange over a coffee/pint/walk around town. I'm also a fluent Gaelic speaker if you'd like a hand with that, I'd love to help you learn!
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
Hi guys I wanna learn korean i have kakaotalk and line Let's talk
hi, im jennie i love to learn new things. i love street style fashion and also love anime hit me up i'll teach you english im currently learning korean
Connor Hollett, Penpal, English some Old French, Craft,
I like swimming, hiking, mountaineering and art! I also have a passion for makeup.
I'm Henry by name and I'm a driver in sixt mobility company and I'm from Africa , I love driving long distance and I love football ,I love listening to music and I love watching movies
Hello, My name is Po ki and I live in in Hong Kong. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Swedish, German, Scottish Gaelic and French. I'd be happy to help you to learn Scottish Gaelic, Chinese (Cantonese) and Chinese (Mandarin) in exchange.
He looks for :  Spanish language exchange
Hello, My name is Tom and I live in in Belgium. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Spanish. I'd be happy to help you to learn English and Scottish Gaelic in exchange.
He looks for :  Korean language exchange
Haii :) i love korean language, and i want to learn it. Please teach mee :)) thank you