Exchange with Zhangshengjun


First name 章先生
City 上海(shang Hai)and 温州(wen Zhou)
Native country CN China
Current country CN China
Age 31
Gender Male
Native language ZH Chinese (Mandarin)
ZT Chinese (Taiwanese)
Studied language EN English
FR French




I am a native Chinese speaker, now I am learning English, and I hope to improve our language through communication.
hello,i'm ZSJ, a native chinese I could speak chinese fluently . We can talk about education, lifestyle, NBA, books whatever. If you have any common interests or be curious about China and look for a long-term partner please feel free to give me a message. We could learn and help each other.
您好,我是 ZSJ,母语是中文,能说一口流利的中文。我们可以谈论教育、生活方式、NBA、书籍等任何话题。如果您有任何共同的兴趣爱好,或者对中国感到好奇,正在寻找长期交流伙伴,请随时给我发信息。我们可以互相学习,互相帮助。

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