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First name yukina
City Lyon
Native country JP Japan
Current country FR France
Age 32
Gender Female
Native language JA Japanese
Studied language EN English
FR French
IT Italian
ES Spanish



Hello everyone. I'm Yukina. I live in France now.
I like to learn other languages,and I want to talk with people from different countries.
Please let the language Exchange!

Bonjour tous! Je m'apelle Yukina. J'habite à Lyon maintenant.
J'aime beaucoup de apprendre la laugue étangère.
Et plus je voudrais parler avec beaucoup de gens.
On va échanger nos langues!

こんにちは みなさん。わたしは ゆきなです。
いま フランスにすんでいます。
ぜひ ごがくこうかんしましょう!

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First name yukina
City Lyon
Current country FR France
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