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my name is Tobias
(I'm also open to learn languages I didn’t mention), I am from Germany & I study in Iran...Persian history and the history of the region...for example the history of West & Central Asia...
But originally I'm fromthe tri-border region of Germany, France and Luxembourg (called Greater region of SaarLorLux or also Greater Luxembourg) We have several villages there which are divided between Germany & France in really strange ways!
I am interested in all cultures, countries, continents & people, very open minded
traveled to a lot of European & West and Central Asian countries, but I am interested in getting to know more cultures, people, countries, continents (especially East Asian & African countries but also all other countries)
& people...cultural, social background, age & gender does not matter... I learned English and French in my school in Germany but forgot most of my French when I learned Arabic in West Asian countries which I learned mostly in Damascus, Syria...& my Arabic got a bit weak when I learned Persian in Iran...before I came to Iran, I even dreamed in Arabic. People talked to me in Arabic & I spoke in Arabic to people in my dreams, but since I came to Iran I did not have any Arabic dream any more...I still able to understand most classic Arabic but I cannot speak such fluently any more as before...but I am sure I will learn & improve my French & Arabic very fast if I would have people to practice with...
My hobbies are meeting friends, drawing, photography, swimming, walking, jogging, riding my bike & martial arts/fighting sports, mountaineering/hiking/hill walking
According to drawing and photography I am still learning, training & I still visit courses! By the way I also take private classes in stock trading & Photoshop... I would like to learn a lot of languages as you can see...I just hope that I don’t forget the languages I learn before or that I don’t get confused with so many languages

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