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First name Tobias
Native country DE Germany
Current country IR Iran
Gender Male
Native language AR Arabic
DE German
EN English
FA Persian
FR French
Studied language FR French
SW Swahili
WO Wolof
AR Arabic




my name is Tobias
(I'm also open to learn languages I didn’t mention), I am from Germany & I study in Iran...Persian history and the history of the region...for example the history of West & Central Asia...
But originally I'm fromthe tri-border region of Germany, France and Luxembourg (called Greater region of SaarLorLux or also Greater Luxembourg) We have several villages there which are divided between Germany & France in really strange ways!
I am interested in all cultures, countries, continents & people, very open minded
traveled to a lot of European & West and Central Asian countries, but I am interested in getting to know more cultures, people, countries, continents (especially East Asian & African countries but also all other countries)
& people...cultural, social background, age & so on does not matter... I learned English and French in my school in Germany but forgot most of my French when I learned Arabic in West Asian countries which I learned mostly in Damascus, Syria...& my Arabic got a bit weak when I learned Persian in Iran...before I came to Iran, I even dreamed in Arabic. People talked to me in Arabic & I spoke in Arabic to people in my dreams, but since I came to Iran I did not have any Arabic dream any more...I still able to understand most classic Arabic but I cannot speak such fluently any more as before...but I am sure I will learn & improve my French & Arabic very fast if I would have people to practice with...
My hobbies are meeting friends, drawing, photography, swimming, walking, jogging, riding my bike & martial arts/fighting sports, mountaineering/hiking/hill walking
According to drawing and photography I am still learning, training & I still visit courses! By the way I also take private classes in stock trading & Photoshop... I would like to learn a lot of languages as you can see...I just hope that I don’t forget the languages I learn before or that I don’t get confused with so many languages

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First name Tobias
Current country IR Iran
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