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First name Tiana
Native country US USA
Current country US USA
Age 23
Gender Female
Native language EN English
SM Samoan
Studied language FR French
JA Japanese
KO Korean
ZC Chinese (Cantonese)
ZH Chinese (Mandarin)
DA Danish
ES Spanish


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Hi there, I'm Tiana Liu but you can call me Ti. I'm from Hawaii on the island of Maui in the United States. I'm interested in learning many languages and making new friends. I hope I could build a fun, adventurous, and long term friendship with someone on here. I love all sports but I mainly play Volleyball. I'm interested in a variety of music and art. I love to sing. I love traveling. If you're willing to teach me Korean, Spanish, Danish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Portuguese, or French; I'm a fast learner so I won't be a hassle. In exchange I could help teach you English if you're interested. Drop me a message if you want to be language exchange partners and we can help each other out :)

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