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First name Lucas
City San Diego
Native country US USA
Current country US USA
Age 17
Gender Male
Native language EN English
Studied language AF Afrikaans
CS Czech
ES Spanish
GD Scottish Gaelic
NV Navajo
RU Russian
SK Slovak
ASE Sign Language (USA)



My name is Lucas, and I'm sixteen years old.
I'm currently a part of the ROTC military program as a cadet in the Navy branch.
I'm formerly from Washington State in the Pacific Northwest, and have travelled across the United States many times in my life, as well as internationally through the Canadian borders in Vancouver.
I would happily be able to offer English help in exchange for русский, español, slovenčina and/or čeština.
Actualmente, estoy ingresando al Capítulo Seis de mi clase de Español, Я плохо говорю по-pусски, но стараюсь научиться, stále sa učím slovenčinu a česky moc nerozumím.

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