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First name Sydney
City Wesley Chapel
Native country US USA
Current country US USA
Age 20
Gender Male
Native language EN English
Studied language KO Korean
PT Portuguese
VI Viêt Namese
ZC Chinese (Cantonese)
FR French


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Instagram XXXXXXX
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Hello Language Exchange!

Witness my crazy hair, we in isolation so just expect something like that

My name is Sydney, I am a Linguistics student at the University of Florida and I love learning languages and cultures.

My native language is English.
I speak Spanish, I can hear most stuff in French, I can get around in Cantonese and I just started learning Vietnamese.

I want to meet people who will talk somewhat regularily

I like music, food, cooking, game shows, science fiction films, animals and the game mafia.

As a student, I like to plan regular times with my partners on social media, because I am frequently busy :)

Here to make friends and learn 😁

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First name Sydney
City Wesley Chapel
Current country US USA
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