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First name Flasuper
Native country BE Belgium
Current country FR France
Age 40
Gender Male
Native language EN English
FR French
Studied language ZT Chinese (Taiwanese)
JA Japanese



Hi, I have been several times in Japan, Mandarin-speaking countries and Korea for study and for my job.
I like fine arts, movies, history, Mandopop, J-pop, K-pop, but also traditional music and techno-disco music.

I like reading books on history, architecture and fine arts ( particularly on Kuma Kengo, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Paul Klee, the German expressionists).
I also collect comics books and manga of Thermae Romae, Cesare and OnePiece, and D.C. comics (my favourite artists are Jeff Loeb, Frank Miller and Neil Adams)
I love enjoying Patbinsu desserts, red beans juice, mango and black rice dessert, I love eating spicy hotpot, mandu dumplings
and you will never see me in any American fast-food.

I like Italian fashion of Gucci, Coveri, Armani, Moschino. And you can see me in outlets during the special sales.

and my job is totally different from the above, as I like law, economics and IT systems.

I am a very simple and easygoing person, and I really love exchanging ideas and practicing international languages in an open-minded approach towards different people of different origins.

Following the accurate description above, please note that I am a real human being, and NOT a cyber-robot at your service to correct your grammar mistakes: By saying this, I only mean that I expect to be treated with respect and I am available to develop a sincere friendship too

please take five minutes to make an effort to write a brief introduction (your education background, what is the language exchange you expect and how often).

Please write me a message and let me know what are your favourite interests and which languages you like the most.

I can use Wechat, LINE, Kakao, for short messages only (and of course not for writing poems, lyrics of songs, nor for correcting your mistakes in any language you want to practice with me) .

See you soon here in languageexchange !

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First name Flasuper
Current country FR France
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