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First name Patricia
City Barcelona
Native country VE Venezuela
Current country ES Spain
Age 28
Gender Female
Native language EN English
ES Spanish
Studied language DE German
ZZS Sign Language (- Other -)
ILS Sign Language (International)
IT Italian



Hi My name is Patricia!! thanks for coming to read about me and my desire to learn sign language!! I got two nationalities: Venezuelan and german but I just speak Spanish and English so if i can help you going another level up i´ll be super happy!
I lived 4 years in London, One in Italy, six month in Colombia, 1 year in Germany and currently Spain so yes.. I love to learn abput different countries!
I like to do many things... many sports, nature, i quite enjoy cooking and try to be quite healthy... i really love food haha !! currently i am reading Castaneda! Also Philosophy, and biology because of my studies! Now i am reading a lot about Ayurveda too. Hope to meet you soon!!

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