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First name Derek
Native country IN India
Current country US USA
Age 23
Gender Male
Native language EN English
HI Hindi
PA Panjabi
SA Sanskrit
UR Urdu
Studied language KO Korean
JA Japanese
RU Russian
AR Arabic
ZH Chinese (Mandarin)



Hey I'm Derek ,23 years
I'm really interested in learning foreign languages.
I'm currently challanging myself learning 5 languages at once
I like playing keyboard, writing and singing songs, playing video games, watching anime and dramas, learning about different cultures
I can speak Hindi, English,punjabi,urdu, sanskrit,gujrati

I'm interested in Japan and it's culture and I wanna learn the shamisen
Kyoto,osaka, Hokkaido and aaomori are my favorite places to be

I've watched many Russian tour series and I really loved it , especially the people who were so kind and friendly that's why I wanna learn Russian to interact with the locals

Recently I've started watching Chinese movies and got really hooked and the songs are like cherry on the top and I think that's one of the reason why I want to learn mandarin

K-pop has always been there from the start of my junior High and I really loved big bang, super junior, beast,ZE:A and the dramas are really good so yeah Korean is on the list too

I've a friend that's been living in Saudi Arabia and he's suffering from cancer and the doctors said that he will not make it more than 3 years at max, so I wanna learn Arabic, greet and talk to him
That's the least I can do for him

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