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First name Olivia
City Stockholm
Native country SE Sweden
Current country SE Sweden
Age 19
Gender Female
Native language EN English
SV Swedish
Studied language DE German
KO Korean
ILS Sign Language (International)
SWL Sign Language (Sweden)


Instagram XXXXXXX
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Hello! My name is Olivia I am 19 years old and I come from Sweden. I have been speaking English since I was seven so I am pretty much as fluent in that as I am with Swedish. During my free time I love to watch movies listen to music, talk to my friends, play games and read.

For now I am a student wishing to learn Korean. I have only learned a few phrases from kdramas and hangul, but I would like to be fluent one day.
I know a bit of german (like how to introduce myself and so on) and I understand even more than I can speak.

I use zoom, discord and skype but I don't mind getting something else.
Feel free to message me!

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