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First name Lina
Native country DZ Algeria
Current country DZ Algeria
Gender Female
Native language AR Arabic
EN English
Studied language FR French
PT Portuguese
RU Russian
ZH Chinese (Mandarin)



Peace upon you!
Arabic is my native language, I can try to help you with it.

I can communicate in English (not advanced).
I know some French ( I understand it well enough, but I can't speak well: lack of practice...).

I do know some Russian and I can understand it a little, but still consider myself as a beginner.

We can try to improve our English or French or Russian together

I'm making almost zero progress in learning Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese, UNFORTUNATELY!

I'm interested in learning other languages too.

I'll be happy with any help in any language!

[I'm a bit picky, I'm Sorry if I didn't replay to your message. But I'm always thankful for your time and interest :) ]

good luck in your Knowledge Journey!

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First name Lina
Current country DZ Algeria
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