Exchange with Latamleo


First name Leo
Native country GT Guatemala
Current country GT Guatemala
Age 38
Gender Male
Native language EN English
ES Spanish
Studied language BG Bulgarian
EN English
IT Italian
PL Polish
RO Romanian
RU Russian
SK Slovak
UK Ukrainian
FR French
HU Hungarian



Hello people of the world! (any friendly martian is welcome as well! 😁)

I'm Leo and I love to practice new languages and learn about different cultures. I love music and technology, however I have always been interested into know about historic places like castles and old villages and cities.

I can speak Spanish and I have a good level of English (upper-intermediate), I would be glad to help you with any of both (even if your level is a total beginner). Would you mind teach me your language? Let's talk about life, history, music, well about whatever you want to talk.

What do you like to do? Can you play any musical instrument?

Feel free to leave me a message if you are interested in practice with me.

Kind regards,

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