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First name Joe
City Geneva
Native country GB United Kingdom
Current country CH Switzerland
Age 26
Gender Male
Native language EN English
Studied language AR Arabic
ES Spanish
FA Persian
FR French
IT Italian
NO Norwegian
RU Russian
SK Slovak
SV Swedish
DE German


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I've just moved to Geneva and my French isn't very good, so would love to do a tandem with somebody who wants to learn English (I'm originally from the North of England). Alternatively, I'm happy to learn any language and teach English to someone :) I'd like to learn about other cultures and recipes from different places.
I'm a postdoctoral researcher in molecular biology and in my spare time I enjoy reading, spending time exploring nature, hiking and discussing history and politics, while I'm in Geneva I'd like to learn how to ski/snowboard. I also love cooking and eating.
Interested in discussing political activism, trade unions, mutual aid and socialism in any country.

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