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First name Alice
Native country KR Korea
Current country KR Korea
Age 33
Gender Female
Native language KO Korean
Studied language EN English
ES Spanish
JA Japanese
DE German


Instagram XXXXXXX
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Hallo! My name is Alice from South Korea.
My mother tongue is Korean and I speak fluent Japanese.
Now I'm learning English(forever), Spanish(more than 4 years) and German(2 years).
I like to learn new languages and get to know people.
I've traveled almost 20 countries so far.
Since I already have enough friends, I only want sincere friends who're willing to maintain a relationship with me for a long time.
If you want somebody for a short time to flirt or kill time, I'm not the right person for you. :)
If you speak more than two languages that I'm learning, we could use all of those languages in one message. It's so much fun than just using one language. So we could both practice!
I DON'T have time to teach korean to anybody, don't ask me to teach korean.
PLEASE write me a long message.
Tell me about yourself, so we know what we have in common or we talk about. Otherwise, it's really hard to make conversation and be friends.
I DON'T reply to short messages like HI or just random messages.
*I'm so sorry that I had to disappear for a while, I needed some break. Sometimes I just need my own time, but I always come back.

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First name Alice
Current country KR Korea
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