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First name Andrey
City Moscow
Native country RU Russia
Current country RU Russia
Age 34
Gender Male
Native language RU Russian
Studied language BG Bulgarian
DE German
ES Spanish
FR French
TR Turkish
ZH Chinese (Mandarin)
AR Arabic


Facebook XXXXXXX
Telegram XXXXXXX


Hey everyone! I live in Moscow and work in marketing as an analyst (to be competely honest, never thought I'll be doing that, at the very least this is not something I dreamt about for sure:))

To make things easier (for those of you who doesn't want to read too much about me):
- I'd love to study Arabic and Turkish or have a language practice in Spanish/Bulgarian/French/German.
- I could offer you my help with Russian or simply a friendly partner ready to talk to you about almost anything on a handful of languages.
For those who require more:
I studied history, graduated from language and literature department. Had some short meeting with history of law and dive much deeper in history of arts/architecture. So I believe I should be able to keep the conversation and make it interesting for both of us. Regarding my language skills, I have studied Spanish, French and German and some Bulgarian (just from aural reception, so no grammar:(). Unfortunately without practice I have lost some of my skills, but with your help I should be back in play really soon.

I have a certain dream to keep studying languages, so if anyone shares that passion, I'd be glad to share it. My current priorities are Arabic and Turkish, as for Chinese that's something I was willing to study for quite some time but didn't dare, since it definitely seems to require a lot of patience and free time. I am also all up for practicing Spanish and French.

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First name Andrey
City Moscow
Current country RU Russia
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