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First name Fernando
City Buenos Aires
Native country AR Argentina
Current country AR Argentina
Age 34
Gender Male
Native language ES Spanish
Studied language DE German
FR French
IT Italian
JA Japanese
PT Portuguese
RU Russian
TR Turkish
EN English


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Hola a todos! Hi everyone! My name is Fernando and I am 34 years old. I am from Quilmes, a town quite near to Buenos Aires, Argentina. My native language is Spanish (Español Rioplatense, a dialect from Argentina and Uruguay), but I can also speak English fluently (although I am still learning it, I wrote this self-description in this language, in order that a lot of people here can understand it), and I have some knowledges related to other languages. Currently, my priorities are 日本語 (Japanese), русский (Russian) and Deutsch (German); I am practising other languages too!!. My goals are to become a polyglot person, and to use all the learnt languages in my jobs and trips around the World (Travelling is better when you know the language and culture of the Country you are visiting, isn't it?) Of course, I can help you with Spanish language (teaching from the basics or helping you to improve it), and/or tell you about the Argentinian culture (it is not just Football, haha!). I think this app will help me to improve my current knowledge and to make new friends around the world. So, feel free to send me a message if you want... Cheers! Saludos!!

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