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First name GopnikUmnik
City Saint Petersburg
Native country HK Hong Kong
Current country RU Russia
Age 24
Gender Male
Native language ZC Chinese (Cantonese)
ZH Chinese (Mandarin)
Studied language RU Russian


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слыыышь ! Я гопник без семечки. Добро пожаловать в мой дом гопник. Только гопник и гопница!!! :D

Going to study at Saint.Petersburg as an exchange student next semester ! Would be great to be acquainted with fellow gopniks/gopnisa :)

I am an university student who spends most of his holiday travelling abroad but more often than not I go solo~

Ttraveling this way is way more easier to make new friends, integrate yourself to the local community and its culture, which makes your trip more eventful and memorable.

Hobbies & Interests
Be a homeless person and sleep on the street.......

Hiking and camping! Would like to camp in desert and conquer many of the awe-inspiring mountains in China and Central Asia.

I like collecting train tickets and stamps from various countries as well. Right now I have Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Georgian, Azeri, Armenian, American and Iranian train tickets. I regretted not keeping the hand written ticket of Myanmar but this also provides a strong incentive to visiting this beautiful country again!! Wait, don't you remember how terrible the ride was :O

Though it is quite odd seeing a boy in kitchen, maybe cooking can be counted as one of my favourite pastimes as well? I won't tell you what an utter failure my first try was :p
Bewarned, I can burn your kitchen !!

Currently I would like and try to be a homeless person. So far I have slept in the streets of Japan and United States. Days of wandering around the street taught me "Live your life to the fullest whilst you are still young enough" and "you would only learn to cherish when you possess none."

I am also curious about other cultures, love traveling and reading of course.

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First name GopnikUmnik
City Saint Petersburg
Current country RU Russia
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