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First name anh
City Narita
Native country VN Vietnam
Current country JP Japan
Age 22
Gender Female
Native language EN English
JA Japanese
VI Viêt Namese
Studied language DE German
FR French
DA Danish
JA Japanese
ES Spanish



Hello, I am from Vietnam but I am currently living in Japan.
I am a university student.
My level of fluency: Vietnamese (native language) > English (I haven't reach native level but I can use it without difficulty) > Japanese (I am fine with daily conversation, some topics related to what my studying)
I like France so I started learning the language 3 years ago but only for 6 months because I have to focus on my Japanese. But now it seems like a waste if I drop it completely so I am working on it again. (self-studying)
For Spanish and Danish, I am taking classes at my university and I have just started so I still need to learn more.
Feel free to message me, I am curious to know why you learn languages. We can talk about anything not only languages.
I use LINE, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype.

フランスがずっと好きで、三年前にフランス語を学び始まりましたが、日本語に集中しなければならないので6ヶ月間だけです。 しかし、今ではもう一度勉強したいです。(自分で勉強しています)
LINE, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype を使っています。

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First name anh
City Narita
Current country JP Japan
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