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First name Alexis
City Troyes
Native country FR France
Current country FR France
Age 30
Gender Male
Native language FR French
Studied language EN English
JA Japanese



People often says that i'm a friendly and smily person.
I like to make people laugh and make them happy. It
makes me even more happy lol !

My top hobbies are Shashin wo
torukoto (is it correct ?), meet
friends and play sport (soccer,
volleyball, futsal, ski and so on),
try new things.

But i also love to visit new places,
enjoy an oishii macha frapucino in
starbuck (yeah !), go to museum,
learning about History and so on,
or just simply stay at home, beeing
lazy in my warm bed and watch a
movie !

Many others small things of the
life. Simple things like walking in
a park are great too sometimes.

Ima, nihongo wo benkyoushimasu
kara, isshouni nihongo wo hanashimashou !

If you can help me with japanese
language, i will be glad :-)


Update : I became more down to earth and have a more spiritual and philosophical mind now ! :-)

Self-employed, worked a lot in marketing online and currently in the process of being stress and anxiety management coach. I'm a good analyst and very open minded, the best word that describes me is "out of the box".

I like deep conversations and philosophy, but i also have sense of humour ! I like sarcasm and "black humour".

I've travelled mainly in Japan and Thailand : 5 times in Japan, many times in Bangkok, once in Bali, three times in Vientiane (Laos).
I plan to come back to Japan for 3 months, in Sapporo, from january ^^
So, i hope to find new friends before to come to this city !


I'm going to Sapporo from January 2020 and will stay for 3 months. I would like to make new friends from this city, and to meet them once i am there.

Also, i am looking for a place to stay. If you think you can host me, even just 1 month, it would be awesome ! Of course i can pay you a monthly fee.

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First name Alexis
City Troyes
Current country FR France
Native language FR French
Studied language EN English
JA Japanese
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