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안녕하세요 My name is Hlezipi ,I want to learn korean and some Japanese Looking for anyone who would like to learn English and in turn you could help me with those two stated languages. Let us be friends and exchange culture and language .
He speaks :  English
He looks for :  French language exchange
Hey, I'm a huge introvert but I've got to practice French so I'm willing to put in the effort. I like Anime, series and nerd stuff.
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
I am a person who simple interest in learning korean Language. Currently, I am Lecturer but hoping to up my skills in Korean Language.
He speaks :  English
He looks for :  English language exchange
Nixckon is my name. I am just an electrician and English is my language My hobbies are music, touring and making friends and also reading .
He speaks :  English
Hai , my name is Rodgermore Simatanga. I am a teacher of English language and Geography. I did French as my minor at the University. However, am not good at at. I would love someone who is good at at so that in exchange I help the person improve their English . I love reading novels , watching movies, cooking and making friends and playing net ball. Any one interested please , hit on me