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Hi, I'm Martina. I'm Italo-Maltese, born in Italy but moved to Malta at a young age, so now I'm a native English speaker despite being raised speaking another two native languages as well. I can help you with your Italian, Spanish (learned in school and achieved fluency), Maltese and most importantly English. Despite my pronunciation being American, my English writing/vocabulary is not American but proper British, so please keep that in mind. My plans are to teach English in Korea and Japan after my BA honours degree, so I definitely won't mind helping you and maybe become a good friend ☺
She speaks :  Japanese
She looks for :  English language exchange
I am a Japanese who is studying abroad in Malta. I wasn't good at English than I expected. I like anime and games, so I'd be happy if there was a woman who seemed to like me. English can be listened to and read. I can write while looking up. It's devastating to speak. I want to be able to talk. I want to be able to voice chat with games in the future. OK→Disclosed,skype,LINE
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
I am a PhD graduate and currently work as a lecturer of Computing. I am fascinated by he Korean culture and would like to meet a language partner whom I can chat with, and perhaps also help with teaching English in return.
She speaks :  Italian
Hello, My name is Martina and I live in in Malta. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Czech, Spanish, Russian and French. I'd be happy to help you to learn Italian in exchange.
He speaks :  Bulgarian
Hey everyone, my name is Iliyan. I'm originally from Bulgaria but I live in Malta. I love meeting people, learning new languages, learning about new cultures. I would love to improve my German and help others with their English or Bulgarian as much as I can. Let's help each other. Feel free to reach out :)
He speaks :  Spanish
He looks for :  English language exchange
I'm Alejandro, I'm 32 years old, I'm developer Engineer and actuality it living in Malta. So, also I like running every day also some time trekking because I lovely to know new places, I'm here beacause it want to learn and improve my English
He speaks :  Italian
Hello, I'm Lorenzo, I'm an easygoing person who loves studying languages. I've just moved to Malta and I'd like to make language exchanges and possibly friendship. I'm trying to master Portuguese and English and improve French
He speaks :  Japanese
Hi guys :) I'm looking fo someone who can teach me English or Spanish, here in Malta (Or maybe someone who can explore Malta together), and I'd love to teach you Japanese in return. I love traveling, art, nature, learning language, workout, manga/anime etc Feel free to contact me :)
He speaks :  English
He looks for :  Japanese language exchange
Hi , im Ryan from malta , my language s are maltese and english Im trying to learn Japanese so since its hard and it takes time l would like to exchange my english with someone who speaks the language fluent or japanese people who comes visit malta . Im looking foward to help people with my english
He speaks :  Spanish
He looks for :  English language exchange
Hello. I´m in Malta, Gzira from 5 sept to 14 october 2020. I´m from Granada, Spain, and I would like know people for practice english. I can teach you spanish. Thank you!
He speaks :  French
He looks for :  English language exchange
I am jabber from morocco 24 years old I am a data science engineer and I speak three languages french and I am learning English to subdue the speaking skills I like music meditation and voyages and traveling I am also interested by other cultures