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AR Buenos Aires, Argentina
Native language :  English, Spanish
Studied language :  Ukrainian, Russian, Italian
Hi - My name is Hernán and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As you may already know, my native language is SPANISH but also I'm very fluent in ENGLISH as my job is %100 in this language. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in learning any of these languages, I'm more than happy to help. :) Last but not least, I'm currently learning RUSSIAN, UKRAINIAN and ITALIAN so if someone wants to help me to improve any of these languages I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks! Hernán.-
ZA South Africa
Native language :  Afrikaans, English
Studied language :  Korean
Hi from South Africa! I am very much interested in learning Korean - language and culture. I am a quick learner and enjoy working hard towards my goals. I am also willing to help teach English as I really enjoy helping others. Let's talk about language or culture or food or how the weather is :) I hope to find good language friends!
UA Kharkiv, Ukraine
Native language :  Russian, Ukrainian
Studied language :  Czech, Polish, English, Chinese
Hello there! My name is Anastasiia, I am 21 yers old grad school student who is fond of stugying languages, drawing, reading and playing computer games (nerd alert!). My native languages are both Russian and Ukrainian and I encourage you to ask for my help if neaded - I will do my best assisting you. As for the reason of me being here I NEED PRACTICE. As you see - no nonsense here :D I aspire for mastering my English and Chinese which is a challenging project as my skills leave much to be desired (esp Chinese skills). But I hope pleasurable chatting with you will help me to progress. Write me any time you want, friend.
FR Nantes, France
Native language :  French
Studied language :  Korean
안녕하세요 ! I'm Anthony (앙또니 in Korean but French pronunciation !) ! From Britanny in France, I like to talk with Korean people ! I love South Korea and willing to do more than travelling if possible :p I would say I am fun to talk with, no ambiguity I always laugh and happy, I'm affable from what people say, doesn't mean I have no limits :) Super open-minded I've seen things don't worry I can think rationnaly before talking haha, all points of views are appreciated ! Various it is, funnier it is ! Have a nice week ! Au revoir !
GB Manchester, United Kingdom
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Bulgarian, Polish, Russian
Hey my name is Marvin , I am from a city in the UK called Manchester which is an awesome City. I love foreigh lanauages especially slavic ones the main language I want to master is Russian it is such a wonderfull lanuage and it has a rich history to it , other slavic lanauages are good but Russian is my main one if you want help with English i am more than happy to help you we can speak about many topics. hope to hear from you guys and girls soon.
RU Sochi, Russia
Native language :  Russian
Studied language :  English, Chinese, Korean
Hello. I'm Melissa. I live in Russia. I will be glad to meet new people and help you learn the language.
MA Casablanca, Morocco
Native language :  Arabic
Studied language :  English, Russian
Hi, i need to work on my english accent and to improve my Russian. Can you help me with that ?
TW Taiwan
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  English, Japanese
Hello everyone, I'm looking for partners exchanging languages with me. I speak English, Japanese, und ein bisschen Deutsch. I'm interested in teaching Mandarin, if you need someone to be your Chinese teacher, come to me. No hao, wo de mu biao shi dang lao shi, wo ke yi jiao ni zhang wen.
US Minneapolis, USA
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Japanese
I'm looking for Japanese speakers to talk with. I'm trying to learn/teach myself Japanese. I have been studying for 8 months. I am currently in school for massage and shiatsu. My interests include Japanese language and culture, shiatsu, massage, calligraphy, cooking, art, music, reading, piano. One of my goals is to attend the Japan Shiatsu College in Tokyo someday.
PL Poland
Native language :  Polish
Studied language :  English
Hello, My name is Martyna. I'm 16 years old. I`ve been learning English for three years, but I like to learn this language. In future, I want to be Journalist. I`m interested in music, interior design, gymnastic, learning new cultures, history, and languages. :) I am a tolerant person.
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  English
I am a student in USA. I am practicing my English. I can help with your Chinese.
RU Moscow, Russia
Native language :  Russian
Studied language :  English, German
Hello! I'm an IT engineer living and working in Moscow. I'm here to improve my English, especially speaking skills. My English is too "Russian" you know :) I willingly help with Russian so please feel free to ask me.
FI Finland
Native language :  Finnish
Studied language :  English
Hi! I would love to speak English with you and develop my vocabulary and grammar. If you want to learn Finnish it's possible too. Let's be in touch!
US New York, USA
Native language :  English
Studied language :  French, Portuguese, Japanese
Hi! My name is Gwen(in short). I'm 18. I'm American and have lived in New York City all my life. I would like to learn French, Japanese, and Portuguese for fun. I feel like this is too much, especially since I want to learn even more than those languages ^^ Foreign languages and foreign countries interest me. I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to anime and manga and excitable to any other Japanese related topics haha I like to draw too.
Native language :  Greek, English
Studied language :  Japanese, Korean, German, French
Hi^^ I am a student majoring in Translation and Interpretation! I am interested in learning foreign languages and cultures! I love to travel and meet new people! My interestes include video games, books, music and movies! I can play the guitar and the drums, unfortunately, I can't teach you that! Instead, I can help you with German, French, Greek and English, so let's have a talk and help each other out!
KR Daejeon, Korea
Native language :  Korean
Studied language :  German, English
Hello everyone! My name is HwaJin Yang and 17 years old. I'm in Korea and learning German and English in my highschool. Learning other languages is so exciting! I want to make friends all around the world :)
FR France
Native language :  Japanese
Studied language :  French
Hello, My name is Raschitelli Mami and I live in in France. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study French. I'd be happy to help you to learn Japanese in exchange.
TR Turkey
Native language :  English, Turkish
Studied language :  English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian
Hi everyone I am interested to learn other languages.If you spare your time for me, I would be very happy.Please help me:))
HR Zagreb, Croatia
Native language :  Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Studied language :  English
Hi! I would like to chat with anyone who speaks English as a native language. My native language is Croatian and I am happy to help someone improve their Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian (these three languages are very similar)! I'm married with one child. I’m an archaeologist, and my wife is Croatian language teacher.
CR Heredia, Costa Rica
Native language :  English, Spanish
Studied language :  Chinese, Japanese, Korean
My name is Samar, I'm 16 years old. I am at college, studying Software Engineering, And i would like to go abroad to finish my career or start another one once I'm done with S.E. Thats why I would like to exchange languages in korean and chinese, i can help with english and spanish. Mi nombre es Samar, tengo 16 años. Estoy en la universidad estudiendo Ingeniería en Sistemas. Y me gustaría ir al extrangero a terminar mi carrera o empezar una nueva luego de terminar I.S. Por eso me gustaría intercambiar idiomas en coreano e chino, puedo ayudar con inglés y español.