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FR Smoothie, France
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Hi, my name is Alexis, i'm french and i'd love to learn japanese and korean. I'm currently doing a filmschool to be a director later...maybe haha ^^. I play the music (all sort) but i really love jazz in particular. I will be happy to speak with you and i can of course teach you french :) こんにちは、私の名前はAlexis フランス人です。 私は日本語を学びたいです. 私は 映画 そして 音楽が 大好き. 私はあなたと話したい もちろん私はあなたにフランス語を教えることができます. (my japanese is so poor xD) 안녕하세요 알렉시 입니다. 나는 한국어 배우고싶어요. 나는 영화를 좋아요 그리고 음악을 연주해요. 한국어 이야기하고싶어요. 안녕~ Don't hesitate to contact me Bye ~