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He speaks :  English
I live in San Francisco Bay Area and work in the tech industry. I speak English fluently. My heritage is Chinese; my my first language is cantonese, which I can converse at an elementary level, but not read. In school, I studied french, but without much real-life practice. I would like to improve both my cantonese and french. My interests: outdoor activites (hiking, running, non-technical mountaineering), travel, food, cultures and history, and tech.
Hi all, I'm a queer, lgbt asian american in the san Francisco bay area who is looking to practice his language skills and am interested in a Korean and / or japanese language exchange. I am also interested in other languages as well but these two are my interested ones at the moment. I am new to these two languages but would like to be able to speak these languages conversationally. If you are in the USA that would be helpful too. Skype would be preferred.