Oslo Language Exchange


Leiferik - Language exchange
NO Oslo, Norway
He speaks :  English
He looks for :  French language exchange
German language exchange
Chinese language exchange
Hi! I'm love learning new things, and especially languages. Right now I'm learning German, Chinese and French. Say hi if you want to learn together :)
Mofid96 - Language exchange
NO Oslo, Norway
He speaks :  German
He looks for :  Korean language exchange
Japanese language exchange
Hi my name is Mofid I am a 20 year old guy from Norway. I am currently working at a travel agency. I can speak Norwegian, English, German and Kurdish. I hope to meet someone I can exchange languages with frequently. I wish to get more proficient in Korean and Japanese and help others with any of the languages I know. My hobbies are Volleyball, travelling, movies, reading, cooking and I really enjoy learning new languages. Even if it's just a few words or sentences. Let's learn a lot together!