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She speaks :  Japanese
She looks for :  English language exchange
My name is Aya. I live in LA. I’m looking for English Japanese language exchange partner.
He speaks :  Japanese
He looks for :  Spanish language exchange
Chinese (Mandarin) language exchange
English language exchange
Hi guys! I'm leaning English, Spanish and Chinese, and currently live in Los Angeles. I can speak English but not fluently, and I'm a biginner for Spanish and Chinese. I'll be happy to help you with leaning Japanese. If you are interested in Japanese, let's exchange our language!
He speaks :  Japanese
He looks for :  English language exchange
Hello. I moved to USA from Japan 2 years ago. I work for food distributer. A year ago I I got married with American lady. Currently I am living In Sacramento. But we will move to LA. And I would like to make friends in LA. I can help people who learn Japanese. My English is not perfect. So I need to learn English more. So let’s meet up!:)
He speaks :  English
He looks for :  English language exchange
I'm a photographer based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Tokyo and here in Los Angeles for 9 years.