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She speaks :  English
She looks for :  Japanese language exchange
Westside Female Japanese Conversation Partner Wanted/Language Exchange (Japanese/English) English/Japanese Female Language Exchange Friend Wanted I am a Japanese American female. I grew up in Japan on U.S. soil and speak Japanese pretty fluently. I have the accent, grammar, and all basic conversation down pat. I'm looking for a native Japanese female friend to speak Japanese with to maintain it. :) Ideally, you will not go back to Japan for at least a year or two. I would like to meet consistently at OUTDOOR restaurants, coffee shops or to explore LA together. We can meet once a week for an hour or two either during the week at 630pm/later or on the weekend sometime. We can do 1/2 of our time together in English and 1/2 in Japanese. Please tell me more about you! :) First Name Age General weekly times and date available How long you will stay in LA Which part of LA you live and work