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GB Leeds, United Kingdom
Native language :  English, French
Studied language :  Chinese, Spanish
Hi I'm Matthew. I'm an English person. I've put French isn't really my maternal language put I speak it well enough for conversation so I feel I can offer something in this language to others. I have a lot of Spanish friends so I'm always looking to learn Spanish, I speak have intermediate level Spanish and would like to practise more speaking. I want to learn Mandarin Chinese because why not? (China will probably take over everything in the future anyway). My hobbies are tearing it up at the gym, cooking stuff, making beer and cycling around.
GB Leeds, United Kingdom
Native language :  Japanese
Studied language :  English, Korean
Hello! I'm Akane from Japan, and now I live in UK as an exchange student to study English. Also I'm studying Korean. I like shopping, disney movie, food, music, pub and trip:-) Thanks.