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She speaks :  Korean
hi, i wanna work in another country. but i don't know how. do you have any good ideas for me? I only know way to start with studying abroad i'm interested in nursing and IT about major. but i don't have much money so i am looking for university where tuition is cheap. Do you know any other job or major that foreigners can find work easily? because My English is not fluent, I don't know what keyword to put on the Internet. and also i'm interested in studying english and german if you need help about korean, i can help you learn korean. i like helping people. it's fun for me. don't feel sorry when you need help. i think i can improve my english by teaching someone korean I think it would be nice if you can suggest how i can help you learn Korean. tell me any time ,when you have some questions about Korean. i wanna be your free korean teacher or friend. i'm not looking for a romance through this website. friendship is always welcome! feel free to send me a message.
He speaks :  Korean
He looks for :  English language exchange
Hi. I join in order to meet to foreigner. I live in Korea. I like to talk to personal relationship and understanding other cultures. I like every animals especially doggy! please understand that I am not good at English but I will try my best Thank you for reading anyway!