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She speaks :  English
Hello, My name is Cailín. Friends often call me Cali, like the Hindu goddess. I'm from the new wild west of the south in the USA (Florida), but my heart is in Catalunya. I'm preparing to move to Catalunya or the area of Perpignan, France. My Spanish is so-so. My French too is so-so. But my English is great. I have two Bachelors degrees in sciences, and I have worked as a cop, as a professional technical NITROX 36 SCUBA diver, and I've owned and operated a lawn and landscape company. Presently, I am a writer about to publish the 2nd book in my 6 book Literary Erotic Fantasy which is sited in an alternate world version of Catalunya in the vicinity of Roses, in Girona. I live on my small farm in Northern Florida where I raise peafowl and write. I'm always writing, but I have time to help you with your English while you help me with Catalan, Castillano, or French. I hope we talk soon...