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Greetings from Japan. I just love learning languages without specific reasons and getingt in touch with people from all over the world. I`m greedy to expand my knowledge the world heritages, also enjoy finding different aspects from you,dancing, Power-Yoga,watching foregin TV Shows and watching most of the Sports. Since I love to see paintings, I could get a licence of curator. If you would like to, let`s exchange in Japanese, in English or in German for starters. Thank you all. 本当はもっとたくさんの言語を学びたいのですが、2~3カ国語以上を同時に勉強するのは非効率的だと思っているので、とりあえず、5か国語に絞りました。 日本はアニメや漫画だけじゃないよ、知っているかもしれないけど。。。