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He speaks :  Japanese
He looks for :  German language exchange
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Greetings from Japan. I just love to learn languages without specific reasons and to get in touch people from all over the world. Although my English skills are not good, communicating with people brings me much amusement, because it`s easy to get world news. But it`s difficult to hear of up-to-day " informations" from you. That`s not person to person after all. I also enjoy dancing, Power-Yoga,watching foregin movies, Framenco,and reading books. If you would like to, let`s talk in Japanese, in English or in German for starters. I`m between 1~99 years old. Thank you all. 日本はアニメや漫画だけじゃないよ、知っているかもしれないけど。。。 P.S: Being forced to send my picture for the first time isn`t pleasant ever! I have no choice.Sorry!