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He speaks :  English
Chinese women age 30-50, tech savvy. Western male here. Older, university educated, broadly experienced teacher. Mandarin classes for years, still haven't got it. Pronunciation and vocabulary are my weaknesses. In return, I can help you very much with your spoken English. I have a well-thought out plan and an extreme amount of materials for Mandarin and American English (IPA-based). WeChat me only if you can commit some serious time to Language Exchange with me. Casual chat is way down my list of priorities. It only becomes important as we get to know each other. Living in Hawaii (GMT-10) for more than 30 years, looking for Language Exchange partners. I've worked in military, court stenography, medicine, tech and education. Studied Mandarin for 8 years, including 2 at Univ. of Hawaii (Confucius Institute). Pronunciation is my main focus. HSK approach is best, and I prefer Beijing accent. I need someone very willing to give me feedback re my 发音, in exchange for extreme help with your oral English.