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He speaks :  English
Older African-American man, living in Hawaii (GMT-10) for more than 30 years, looking for Language Exchange experience. I was born on a farm in America's Midwest, grew up on the West Coast in Washington State. I've worked in military, court stenography and education. Divorced and not interested in marriage again. Studied Mandarin for 7 years, including 2 at Univ. of Hawaii, and I still suck, but will keep trying until I get it right. Can talk about large number of subjects but my main interest is in Chinese culture before capitalism took over. Rural China, village China, China outside the tiered cities. Love watching China television series, Chinese historical documentaries and movies. Also interested in Chinese calligraphy and Weiqi. 我爱中国。Piano (jazz), art, etc. Help me with my Mandarin and I'll help you with oral English and written if you need it.