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He speaks :  English
He looks for :  French language exchange
I am an 86 years old retired engineer. The most interesting, and last, period of my career was with NASA, Houston. Part of a team designing, and producing the tools and other items used by the astronauts on the space station, so worked with some of the astronauts, directly. I actually, literally, bumped into John Glenn, on one occasion. I live in the USA, Massachusetts, but spent the first 30 years of my life in England. I am not a good traveler, so have not seen much of the world. I guess one could call me a home-body. I was seriously into painting for a while, but hardly ever since. Have started to dabble again. I also dabble in wood-working. Not much to show for that either. Have always enjoyed classical music (spectator) but can not play an instrument or read music. Currently restricted somewhat because my wife (married 68 years) is in a care facility suffering from advanced dementia. I feel the need to visit almost daily, This means that my dream of visiting France will have to wait (maybe never happen). They tell me that I am very fit for my age, and still enjoy golf. Am afraid that I am boring by most standards. However, I do enjoy the attempt to learn to speak french, and am quite able to help another with their english language problems. So why not give it a try?