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He speaks :  English
Viêt Namese
Hi, I live in south Florida. I like to travel and meet people from every corner of the world. I like learning foreign languages. My primary language is English, but I also speak Vietnamese fluently as that is my heritage. I've studied Spanish and French for many years and can speak them at a good level. I've also studied some Brazilian Portuguese. This year, I started studying Turkish on my own because I enjoy watching Turkish cinema and TV series. I would like to understand more of the language and Turkish culture and people. Yes, I have visited Turkey once before. I would like to exchange English for Turkish, French, Spanish or Portuguese at this time. We can talk about many topics. I would also exchange with a native Vietnamese speaker. I can speak the language but cannot write or read that well. My vocabulary can always be expanded as well.
He speaks :  English
Hi I'm Ronald and I love learning new things. For example learning languages! I bet you can already relate to me 😂. But I must add for the moment that I'm only looking to learn French & English Ya he aprendido el español por un ratito entonces lo hablo con muchísisisima facilidad peroooo Maintenant je me concentre sur le français dont on dit apparamment que c'est la langue la plus belle au monde. 🤔 je ne sais pas encore mais ecoutez j'aime dèjá cette langue et je serais ravi de pratique avec vous 😁 A part ces langues j'aime aussi faire du tout donc n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message sur quel que soit!