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Hi , my name is will, and I am looking for native Russian speakers to help me learn Russian. or a native German speaker to help me learn German I am a native English speaker from England and I am fluent in mandarin , this is so because I am ethnically half Chinese and half English
She speaks :  English
Hi I’m Hayley I’m from Buckinghamshire, UK (it's about 30 miles from London) I love animals and have lots of pets. My main hobby is learning languages, but I also like to read, write and sew. I also enjoy being out in nature. I am studying for a BA in Languages with the Open University. This academic year I will be studying French. So would be interested in exchanging languages with a French and German speaker. My first language love however, is Japanese. I've also been having Japanese lessons.
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
안녕하세요! 저는 에밀리 이에요 :) 저는 영국 사람 이에요. Alright switching back to English haha! I am a beginner at learning Korean and my tutor recommended that I contact some native speakers to help me improve. I am happy to help people with their English. I hope we can talk and exchange languages!